Wednesday, August 05, 2015


Everything has changed. I started out as a disgruntled doughnut girl. Not sure where my life was going...definitely not sure about where my life had been...unhappy with a good job that wasn't quite good enough. My life was fine, but not spectacular. 

So much has changed. I started this blog pre-kid. I was different. I was selfish. I thought I knew what mattered. I was wrong. 

Fast forward to 2015. I have two kids; the same husband; same place of employment; a new house; and a master's degree. I am still a glorified doughnut girl, but the master's degree has helped me move into more of a doughnut engineer role. I am still selfish. I'm not ashamed to say that I drive a mini-van. Sometimes I feel like a cliche and other times I feel like I'm just gliding down the path that my life has taken. It's ok. I'm lucky. We're all healthy and relatively happy. Our bills are paid, most of the time, and we still go out to eat on occasion. We still drink beer (me and the hubs) but we buy it in bulk at Sam's Club, just like our cereal and diapers. 

The thing about kids is that they change everything. I haven't peed alone in over six years. We have zero knickknacks in our home. I'm exhausted. I'm elated. I'm Mom. But underneath all of that, I'm still the same snarky, immature, and confused person that I always was. I just have less time to marinate on it.