Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Apparently I blog about once a year. I think it take a pending crisis to make me fire up the site and start typing. The posts have been at times in my life when things weren't great. Today is different. Today I am relatively content and I feel the need to try to get back to writing. I've been reading the blogs of other folks and truly enjoying them. At one time, I considered myself a writer. Truly. I could say it unabashedly. Now I don't know what I am. However, I seem to desire a label for myself. I'll try a few on...in pencil. When I'm more comfortable I'll grab a Sharpie (God, I love Sharpies).

Lover of Technology



Lover of alphabetization, although that was not realized until the list was complete. To refile it would seem in-genuine.

I want to be a writer. It feels good to write. To form the words is to create a sense of order and accomplishment. I will do better. I will try harder. I will write.